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We leverage the latest advancements and technologies to build the right solution for you

Efficient Solutions

Creating efficient technical solutions that fulfil your business needs is the core of what we do.

Certified Professionals

We are AWS certified professionals that deliver with first class execution.

Exceptional Support

We are truly passionate about providing exceptional support with everything we deliver.

Cloud Services

Are you looking to transform your business with the cloud, migrate your legacy services into the cloud, build cloud-native applications or enhance existing cloud architecture?

We are AWS certified professionals that can help you devise the right solution to enjoy the agility, flexibility and cost savings available in the cloud.

Our vast experience and expertise can help you configure, deploy and run a cost-efficient, self-healing cloud ecosystem.

Cloud Services

Infrastructure Services

Agile and elastic infrastructure not only helps you adapt to change quickly, it also powers innovation across teams.

We can help transform your infrastructure to code by developing custom Terraform modules and configurations. We can help design, build and implement the right solution to fit your applications.

Infrastructure Services

DevOps Services

Our DevOps services can automate software delivery, achieve faster development cycles and most importantly reduce time to market.

Incorporating DevOps methodologies can improve overall operational resilience, help ensure you remain stable and secure whilst allowing you to innovate faster.

DevOps Services

Why choose Core Solutions? Because we adapt to your needs, our sole purpose is to deliver technically outstanding solutions. We solve problems, deliver projects and drive positive change, we work as efficiently as possible and strive for perfection in everything we do.