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Migrating applications to a container architecture requires a specialised skill-set with in-depth knowledge of all of the technologies involved. Containerisation can be a complex topic with a magnitude of options for each aspect. We help you navigate the container landscape and formalise the best possible design for your workload.

Whether adopting a container architecture for the first time or migrating an existing solution we have the knowledge to expertly guide you through each step.


An Overview of Our Containerisation Service

At Core Solutions we leverage the best technology for the job. We implement different orchestration systems, ingress-controllers, storage and auto-scaling solutions to achieve optimum performance whilst keeping costs down. Our engineers follow industry best practices and have the expert knowledge required to make your project a success. We practice infrastructure-as-code, everything we deploy is committed to version control allowing anyone to easily re-create a cluster or update a deployment.

As with many aspects of technology there’s no silver bullet when it comes to running containers. There are market leaders for orchestration and best practices for building and deploying images but every journey is unique.

We work with you to determine your requirements and design the best fit, from auto-scaling to monitoring and logging. We plan the adoption and work tireless to make it a success.

Every aspect is extensively documented with all questions fully validated and answered. We do extensive research to empower you to make the right technical decisions to achieve your goals.

For more information contact us below to find out how partnering with us can help you on your containerisation journey.