Cloud Migration

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Making Cloud Adoption Simple

Our cloud migration service addresses the people, technology, and financial considerations for your cloud migration journey. We work closely with you to ensure your investment in the cloud enables your long-term business goals.

Core Solutions can help you leverage the latest cloud technologies whilst using DevOps best practices to build secure, robust cloud environments. We work hard to make the cloud migration process a simple one.

Operating in the Cloud

Moving workloads to the cloud can bring tremendous benefits. Cloud environments can be highly available, scalable, and extremely reliable. with a few clicks or lines of code, in the cloud, we can disperse infrastructure across the entire globe.

In order to successfully migrate workloads to the public cloud, a deep and thorough understanding of the desired cloud platform and technologies is required. Without this skill-set underpinning the migration, incorrect decisions and mistakes are inevitable.

Our Cloud Migration Service

Based on our experience we have developed a Cloud Migration Service that aligns with industry best practices. We leverage the latest DevOps practices that automate processes to improve agility. You get expert guidance to make the migration as simple as possible and support from people who truly care.

We use a secure approach that not only gets you fully migrated but also enables you to maximise the value of operating in the cloud.

Our migration service is split into various phases, each with its own set of deliverables.


The Discovery phase ensures that all of the required information for the scope of the migration have been discovered and documented.

During the Discovery phase, we will complete various assessments to enable us to enter the Design phase with confidence we have all of the required per-requisites. These assessments include an application portfolio assessment and Cloud and DevOps adoption assessments.


The Design phase ensures that the necessary planning and design work has been completed.

This phase enables build work for the Migration to start. We develop various designs including high-level designs for the landing zone and the cloud infrastructure. We also create a robust migration plan. Design workshops are completed as part of the design phase to ensure all of the designs are as rich as possible.


During the Migrate phase, dedicated engineers will work to execute the agreed migration strategy.

At Core Solutions, we leverage agile methodologies to deliver value early and often. We ensure there is strong collaboration between teams and provide clear communication at every step of the migration.


The final phase is the Support phase. This phase is designed to enable a smooth transition into production. It also enables organisations to get the most value from the migration.

We ensure that all migrated applications have been successfully handed over to their operational team. By the end of the Support phase, all required skills will have been transferred with rich documentation and run books validated.

Why partner with us for your cloud migration?

We work closely with you to enable a well-orchestrated, planned, and executed journey to the cloud with expert guidance and support.

At Core Solutions we complete each and every migration with the dedication and love it deserves.

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